No Dar Papaya: Fotografías de Colombia 2003-2013

Matthew James O’Brien 
Introduction by Juan Alberto Gaviria Vélez
Essay by Matthew James O’Brien
Book Specifications:
Size: 23.5×30 cm (9.25×11.8 in)
128 pages, 190 color Polaroid photographs
In English and Spanish
ISBN: 978-0-9905379-0-8
US $45
A Look Inside the Book


Placer Press is pleased to announce the debut of its first title No Dar Papaya, a new book of photographs by Matthew James O’Brien. This remarkable body of work, created between 2003-2013 with a Polaroid camera and film, is a fascinating exploration and portrait of Colombia. Perhaps the only project of its scope ever carried out with Polaroid 600 film, the work reveals the distinctive vision of the artist as well as an unexpected Colombia, full of beauty. Rather than the same tired imagery of war, violence, narco trafficking, and misery (called pornomiseria in Colombia), O’Brien, a former Fulbright Fellow in Colombia, offers a different take on the country, focusing on the beauty, the diversity, and the individuality of Colombia and its people. The softness and distinctive color palette of the Polaroids evoke another world.

“We are surprised by Matt O’Brien’s work, by his capacity to illustrate in the landscape of each region he visited, its essential features from where the protagonists come, the humanity that shines in their faces, their kindness, their desire to be observed in a different way.”
From the Introduction by Juan Alberto Gaviria Vélez

Published in conjunction with Icono Editorial of Bogotá, No Dar Papaya is Matthew James O’Brien’s latest photographic exploration and celebration of humanity and the natural world in a career spanning more than two decades. O’Brien’s photographs have been exhibited in the United States, Europe, Latin America, and Asia, and are in the permanent collections of major institutions including the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, and the Library of Congress.

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